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List of Classic Aussie Treats


Two layers of choc-malted biscuit, chocolate filling and an outside layer of more chocolate. Heavenly snack or makeshift straw for your evening cuppa? That’s for you to decide, but one thing we can agree on is that Tim-Tams remind us of rugging up with a blanket and late-night tv.



There are two certainties in life: death and the fact that the rest of the world will never truly understand our deep seated appreciation for the salty spread. Whether you have it with your breakfast toast, couple it with butter or spoon it straight from the jar, we’re still all little vegemites at heart.



It’s recess, you open your lunchbox and past the mushy banana you’ve spotted the Holy Grail of lunchbox treats. You’d recognise that kangaroo anywhere...Mum has graced your day with Dunkaroos. Now tell me your heart didn’t just explode with nostalgia and unbridled excitement.


Tiny Teddies

Tiny Teddies are as much fun as they are food. Not only can you use them to act out your new bear inspired sitcom as you bop them around the table, voicing them with your best bear accents, you suddenly become a surgeon as you meticulously amputate their limbs. First the ears, then the arms and legs, and next thing you know you’re left with their intended purpose, a delicious biscuit for your afternoon milk.


Freddo Frog

The “go-to” treat for teachers to hand out during class games and the one thing that would get crowds of your parents work colleagues to hand over cash so you could sell the most boxes for the school charity. Freddo Frogs will always have a special place in our hearts. If only everything had golden caramel flowing through it.


Anzac Biscuits

There’s nothing like the sight of the local supermarket stacking up the ends of their shelves with the first Anzac Biscuits of the season. Crunchy or chewy, nothing says Australia like scooping out the broken half of your Anzac Biscuit from your cup of tea.



A dentist’s worst nightmare, Fantales are the quintessential Australian caramel. We owe our extensive knowledge of entertainment trivia to Fantales and their ever interesting facts. Like, who was the sound engineer for the Back to the Future Trilogy?... Alright we can all admit it, we never learnt anything we all just looked straight at the answers.



Another Australian confectionary that had dentists all cruising the Mediterranean in their new yachts. We all know minties as the lolly that will have you saying, “all right, last one”, before realising that you’ve gone through half the packet. It is also the lolly that as a kid had you baffled as to who wrote those comics on the wrapper and how they turned them out in such numbers. The mystery lives on.


Eucalyptus Drops

It’s cold. It’s raining. You feel all stuffed up. You go down to the canteen and grab yourself a packet of Eucalyptus Drops. All of a sudden you feel great. You can breathe through your nose again and that handball championship is in reach. Then, someone spots the packet. You hand one out and tell them to be quiet. Word spreads, and you are left with one. It’s alright though, they were only 30 cents, you’ll go get another packet.



The eternal debate: is it eaten or drunk;  do you warm it or have it cold. Whichever side you’re on, we can all agree on one thing: Saturday mornings are not complete without half the tin and a quarter of a glass of milk. Malt flavoured gold.