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About Us

With the Down Under Box, we wanted to make it easy to create a special gift and unique gift for an Aussie overseas full of their favourite snacks delivered anywhere in the world. Established in 2015, we are the original international Aussie gift box and have been making Aussies feel a little less homesick for over 6 years!

With our help, you can send a piece of home to your long distance love, your friend studying abroad, your colleague working on secondment or your child exploring the world. Without breaking the bank and without all the hassle.

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How did it start?

After a terrible experience trying to send a gift box to a loved one overseas on their birthday back in 2015, Michael set out with Alex to create a better way to connect Aussie’s with their friends and families living overseas.

While trying to fix the complicated customs processes and expensive shipping costs, they developed the concept of being able to create a box that is unique to each recipient’s tastes and included all of their favourites from living in Australia. Since then it has evolved into a more iconic and fun gift box that works for any occasion!

How It Works

1. Pick their favourite treats!

Pick a box of Aussie treats or build your own with all of their favourites.

2. Make it Special!

Add a note and photo to your friend or loved one that will make them smile.

3. Add some fun!

Make their day, everyday, with something that lasts longer than that packet of tim tams.

4. We handle the rest!

We get your gift box delivered, guaranteed. With all of the international delivery headaches, customs and duties sorted.

Corporate Gifts

After focusing on connecting Aussies with their friends and family overseas, we started to notice how boring and impersonal most corporate gifts were.

From an anonymous bottle of wine to weird and wonderful foods that end up going straight to the back of the pantry, they generally aren’t something to write home about.

We have had the pleasure of working with a bunch of awesome Aussie corporate customers to bring a more fun and unique experience for their clients and employees, we decided to focus on developing our gifting options so that companies can focus on creating more meaningful relationships through interesting and memorable gifts.