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This Box Contains:

Aussie Pantry Box
  • - Tim Tams (200g)
  • - Jar of Vegemite (150g)
  • - Tin of Milo (200g)
  • - Chicken Salt (100g)
  • - Scotch finger biscuits (250g)
  • - Fantales (5)
  • - Minties (5)
  • - Redskins (5)

You can’t afford to send yourself over to your loved ones every time they need an Aussie ‘fix’. Do the next best thing – send them their very own piece of home. Be it chicken salt, a couple of Scotch fingers or a sneaky Fantale, every time they open up their pantry, they’ll feel right at home.

You can’t share a cuppa, but you can share a laugh over Skype while you demolish your TimTam Slams. With every heaped spoonful of Milo or carefully measured spread of Vegemite, they’ll be thinking of you!

    P.S. Is this a cheeky gift for yourself? Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. Anyway, who would we tell?


    Product Details:

    Total Cost: $50.00 + Shipping

    All orders include a small Aussie animal keychain

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    Build Your Own Down Under Box!

    The "Build Your Own" Box makes a fantastic gift for anyone missing home.
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